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About us

Why Winsome Lifestyle?

Winsome Lifestyle is a Personal Concierge and Lifestyle Management business that can help you enjoying more time for yourself and the things you love – getting back to what means most to you! Whether you are looking for a little help on an infrequent basis or more support on a regular basis, Winsome Lifestyle offers a wide range of services to fit everyone’s needs.

Our core values

These values truly nurture the flame that engenders excitement, confidence and a desire to execute our missions / your tasks.

Customer oriented


Quality Minded


Our purpose is to make life worth living

Our mission

We aim to make your life easier to enjoy by taking care of whatever you don’t want on your to-do list. By providing a bespoke and comprehensive array of services, we help you spend your time doing the things you love, with the people you cherish.


Our offer

A holistic and integrated approach of a service that guarantees the peace of mind you need. From your need, through the execution oversight to the settlement in full and any further follow-up. We offer more than a service, we offer lifestyle ideals.

Our network

Our established network of strategic partners and service providers undergo a rigorous qualification process for all of our partners, as well as continuous quality control through feedback. We insist that our partners conform to the highest performance standards and share our commitment to quality and efficiency.

About Winsome Lifestyle

Winsome Lifestyle is the brainchild of Franck Bonda and was born out of the need to provide a quality-personalised service. He works with a team of highly dedicated professionals and trusted partner businesses, all of whom aim to simplify your life and take care of your to-do list.

The team endeavours to help you optimize your time by providing resources, guidance and services that will make you productive and enjoy life.

Franck’s personal story is one of vision, business acumen, interpersonal ability and professional determination.

After 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry (in medical governance risk management), he has honed his organisational and managerial skills – both of which have given him an eye for detail and made him adept at managing the lives of busy people.

Franck also understands what it means to work under pressure, meet deadlines and manage multiple tasks.

A few years ago, while on a business trip in the UAE, he was offered the opportunity to enjoy the service of a renowned concierge company to visit Dubai. He then had a very intensive and fruitful marathon week, and his host offered the access to the service as a token of appreciation.

The efficiency, swiftness and comfort of a service that anticipated his wishes and needs made the moment one of the most memorable of Franck’s life.

That’s precisely the feeling of a perfectly executed service that Franck now wants Winsome Lifestyle’s customers to experience – a service that can optimize and ease the lives of many busy professionals, expats and seniors.

Franck started Winsome Lifestyle to help people regain the lost time in their busy lives. All of us have so many errands, chores, and general “to do” lists that precious time with friends and family is often sacrificed. Realising that others are likely experiencing the same pressure, he decided to create a service to help them get back to enjoying more time for themselves.

May your life be filled with love and laughter! And remember: When things are rough, all you need is …


We are experienced, bonded, registered, and insured !

Services Provided

Happy Customers

Trusted Partners

Winsome Lifestyle provides one-call problem solving, time saving, organizational and life management services.

Franck Bonda

Chairman, Winsome Lifestyle

I needed help translating tax documents and dealing with the Tax Office in my local commune and Franck did a great job! I will definitely use their services again.



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