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Who is Winsome Lifestyle?
Located in the heart of Waterloo, Belgium, Winsome Lifestyle is an experienced and dynamic client-oriented company providing lifestyle management and concierge services for both individuals and companies. The company offers the highest level of personal services, intended to enrich and facilitate the lives of our clients. Winsome Lifestyle helps you arrange, book, reserve, plan, coordinate and organize a wide range of services in order to make your life simpler and less stressful.
Owing to our vast know-how within the lifestyle market, we excel in providing assistance in the following range of services:
Home & Family
Personal assistance
Event & Entertainment
Travel & Relocation
Business & Corporate
To meet the high standard needs of our clients and ensure services of outstanding quality, Winsome Lifestyle collaborates only with the finest specialists in every domain.
As the link between our customers and the providers, we will ensure that each and every task is carried out with due diligence and unmatched professionalism.
All personal details of our members and clients remain confidential at all times.

What is a lifestyle manager?
Think of a lifestyle manager as a personal assistant who helps you in each and every aspect of your life. Our lifestyle managers provide assistance in every domain from finding a one-off gift for loved ones or associates, to managing the day-to-day running of your household, and of course, ensuring that you are never out of ideas when planning your leisure time.
A lifestyle manager has an extensive portfolio of experts and professionals to call upon to fulfill your needs. With a lifestyle manager to assist you, you will inevitably gain more time to do the things you really want to do, in both your business and personal life.

What is a Concierge Service?
Concierge Services are the solution to balancing work and home.  We can advise and help you arrange, plan or organize anything that you do not have the time or the patience to do yourself. We are a personal assistant, personal shopper, consultant, errand runner and event planner, and are capable of handling a wide array of tasks allowing our clients to enjoy more time to do the things they value most. As your lifestyle manager, we continually strive to make the impossible happen.

What makes Winsome Lifestyle different from other companies?
Winsome Lifestyle provides personalized one on one services at an affordable price. Our goal is to complete the job as you would personally like it done. Many other services merely book appointments for you and have no personal relationship or knowledge of your particular needs.  We not only learn your preferences and are committed to making your life easier, but our remit is to provide outstanding services, the highest level of expertise, the greatest value for money possible and exclusive discounts through our network of partners. Importantly, we offer lifestyle ideals.

What are the benefits of a Concierge Service?
Not everyone requires full or part-time help. Sometimes, all you need is someone to handle the extras so you have more time to handle more important responsibilities, do the things you do best, or just relax and enjoy your life.

What can I expect from Winsome Lifestyle?
Winsome Lifestyle’ highly experienced and dedicated team is always ready to fulfill your requests and demands. By gaining a thorough understanding of your preferences, we ensure the delivery of first-class personalized services.

Why do I need a concierge service?
We help enable you time for yourself, eliminate stress and give you peace of mind away from the daily hassle and stress of everyday life. Our “can do” concierge service works with great resolve towards completing your requests in a timely and efficient manner.
We have an extensive network of vendors and professionals. We utilize all of our resources to provide the best solutions for your needs. As a member/client of Winsome Lifestyle, you gain time by not having to find and assess suppliers, retailers or manufacturers when trying to locate a particular product, service or solution to a problem. Employing our services allows you to get on with what is important in your life while we take care of the rest.

As a frequent business traveler, how is Winsome Lifestyle useful for me?
We are highly experienced in coordinating and organizing travel arrangements according to our clients’ needs. We will manage everything from a –z: accommodation, travel documents, drivers and much more. We carry out these services with the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Do I have to be a member to benefit from your service?
No, not with our hourly a la carte services. However, our monthly membership plans do offer additional benefits and discounts.

How do I schedule your services?  
Contact us via our website info@winsomelifestyle.com or call us at (+32) 474 987 927 to determine how Winsome Lifestyle can best serve you.  We will suggest a plan and create a schedule that works for you.  Our usual hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm – evenings and weekends by special arrangement. We prefer at least 24 hours notice for any given task – but we realize that we don’t live in a 9-5 world, and that emergencies happen so we will do everything we can to accommodate an urgent request.

Can Winsome Lifestyle really arrange anything?
Yes, just about anything that is legal and moral… and if we cannot perform the service for you, we will quickly and efficiently find the best resource for the job.

How much does a membership cost or Services à la carte cost?
We offer various membership plans as well as customized programs. Additionally, we can offer our services by the hour for both members and non members. Each level of membership comprises different number of hours and therefore the price for each membership varies.
Please contact us so that we can give you personal advice and recommend exactly the right membership or Service à la Carte for your specific needs.
For every level of membership, the total hours you are entitled to use our services are different. Members are entitled to a certain number of hours of assistance from Winsome Lifestyle for organizing and arranging various requests. However, this does not include the hours of suppliers who deliver your service, for example housekeepers or chauffeurs.
Please refer to the membership page in this website for further details +32 474 987 927 or info@winsomelifestyle.com

How do I pay for your services?
After trusting us a task and deciding which Membership card or Service à la Carte best suits your needs, you will receive an invoice stating the amount due and to be proceeded by bank transfer, cash or gift voucher.
Please note that the fees for our Membership price or Services à la Carte will only cover hours worked in arranging, researching, organizing and planning. We work as the link between our clients and the service providers. The fees due to the service providers are not covered in our prices. It is the Member’s /Client’s responsibility to ensure they settle any payment directly with the relevant service providers, or find an arrangement with us ahead when trusting a task.
Services must be paid without delay after receiving the invoice.

I have a Personal Assistant (PA) – why do I need you?
We are not here to challenge or remove the role of your PA; our mission is to support and enhance the role of your PA so their talents are dedicated to your daily business needs. Winsome Lifestyle is an extension of your PA, to provide an extra support so that his or her talents can be better dedicated to your everyday business needs. We have the local resources and knowledge of the area that will make working, living and playing more memorable and enjoyable.

Is your company insured?
Yes. Winsome Lifestyle is registered, bonded and insured.

Are materials, products and additional services included in your hourly rate?
No. The client is responsible for paying all additional charges on top of the hourly rate.

How will I know what the additional service charges are?
You will be informed in advance. Winsome Lifestyle will provide receipts for all hourly charges and all additional service charges within 1 business day after completion of service.

Isn’t it more expensive to use a concierge?
When comparing our rates to the cost of your time, loss of business opportunity, the money you save in sourcing the best rates for products or services, or the stress of not being able to accomplish all of your tasks, you will see that a concierge is surprisingly affordable.

Do I provide your company keys to my home?
Yes, for services such as delivering groceries, pet sitting, property management or any other service you may need when not at home, you will provide us with a copy of your house keys along with a signed Key Release Form. 

Do you have a Privacy Policy?
All information collected by Winsome Lifestyle will remain confidential. We do not sell or share any information about our clients. We are discreet and confidential about our dealings with our clients.

My work is very time consuming and I travel frequently. Do you have someone available to do errands such as pick up dry-cleaning, schedule appointments, pick up mail, and stock my fridge upon my return?
Yes. We can take care of all your needs. We would be happy to customize an estimate for your specific requirements. Visit our contact page and provide us with the details about your request.

I have a home that I leave vacant from time to time. Would you be able to maintain the property?
Yes, we assist with maintenance and monitoring of your property while you are not at home. In the event of a natural disaster or emergency of any kind, we are only a phone call away to ensure that your home is secure.

Can I buy Gift Certificates?
Yes. Give the gift of time! What a great gift idea for new mothers, someone recovering after an illness/surgery, a frequent traveler, a stressed-out spouse, a special friend that needs some organizational help or someone you think just would like some extra time to enjoy life. Gift certificates make the perfect gift of time and are a wonderful way of saying “thank you,” to your family, friends, employees and clients, and are welcome for any occasion. They can be purchased in several ways:
• A la Carte – hourly
• Gift Membership packages
• Special service packages tailored to the individual or organization

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?
If you have further questions, Winsome Lifestyle would be happy to provide you with the information you require. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you.
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